%L in smb.conf don't work

wgaboria wgaboria at cri.univ-lr.fr
Fri Apr 17 15:36:00 GMT 1998


I have 4 NT server : so 4 NT Domain
and 1 Linux Box with samba 1.9.18p4-50.4

in smb.conf, I configure 
netbios aliases = TEST1 TEST2 TEST3 TEST4
sercurity = server
include = /etc/samba/server.%L

and in /etc/samba/server.TEST1
password server = NTSERV1

and in /etc/samba/server.TEST2
password server = NTSERV2

but when I read the nmbd and smbd logs , 
%L is replaced by a null string

when I replace %L by %h , the %h is replaced correctly !!!


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