AMBA over a WAN Link

Graham Moore grahamm at
Fri Apr 17 09:22:19 GMT 1998

Dear All,

I am amazed up to now, how easy it is to install samba and get it to do
what you want. It is reliable and saves a great deal of time messing with
NFS etc.

I have one problem that I need to solve, please help:-

I have an office connected to our site using routers over a kilostream
line.  They have a network of 5 Win95 clients one with a printer atttached
and shared on its LPT1 port.

I managed to get them to connect to shared directories on a unix box at my
local site after adding an entry in thier WINS tab under TCP/IP Properties,
I added the IP address of my local sites Unix box.  On the Unix box I have
the line WINS SUPPORT = YES in my smb.conf file.  All works well for them
connecting the the unix box.


I cannot do an smbclient -L MACHINENAME

I can do a smbclient \\\\MACHINE\\PRINTERNAME -P -N and print to the
printer on a client on my local site, so it appears to break when I want to
access clients on the remote site over the WAN link.

I now have the situation where I cant connect to services at the remote
site. but they can connect to me.

I have all the printing stuff soreted and working at the local site to
print to printers shared on local printer ports and need this to be the
case with the remote clients.

I would be most grateful if anyone could spare some time to come up with a

Thanks for your time

Kind Regards

Graham Moore

Graham Moore
Computer Systems Administrator
Solid State Logic
<grahamm at>

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