how to stop WfWG local browse master announcements?

Todd Pfaff todd at
Fri Apr 17 04:40:22 GMT 1998

this isn't strictly a samba question, but it is related in that i'm trying
to a samba server as my domain master browser and multiple samba servers
as local master browsers for a workgroup across multiple subnets.
everything seems to be working wonderfully except for one WfWG host
which does not show up in the browse list as expected.  i notice that
this host is announcing itself as a local master browser despite the fact
that there is a samba server on the same subnet acting as a local master.

is it possible to stop a WfWG host from announcing itself as a local
master browser?  i know how to do this with win95 and winnt hosts but i
can't find any equivalent for wfwg.

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