One problem down, one to go...(I think)

Patrick Harrold patrickh at
Thu Apr 16 21:38:02 GMT 1998

Thanks for all of the tips I received on my earlier query concerning not
seeing the share on Win95 Network Neighborhood.  I was able to resolve it
by incorporating the smbd and nmbd in my inetd.conf.  Why it didn't work as
command-line daemons is anybody's guess.(Thanks Mr. Gates).
	Anyway, I have this box(FreeBSD2.2.2) using a remote printer on an HP-UX
10.10 system.  It is all configured in the printcap, and works splendidly
from a command line.   I can also see this printer when looking at the
samba workgroup.  However, when I attempt to configure this as a Win95
printer, I get a nice little Windoze error mesage stating that there was an
error writing to the printer, and that I should shut down Windoze and
restart it?!?!?
	Anyone run into this?  Any fixes? (I have read everything I can find
concerning this, and have ordered the Samba book, but it hasn't arrived yet).


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