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   John Harvey wrote:
   > We are having a problem with Microsoft visual C++ compiling source
   > code maintained on a samba server. Occasionaly the compiler reports
   > that it cant open the file vc50.pch. The samba server is running on a
   > freebsd box. Taking a look at the log files it looks like when the
   > operation fails the server is processing the command
   > open (vc50.pch for exclusive use
   > write
   > setattrE
   > write
   > open (vc50.pch          and this not unreasonably fails
   > on a succesfull compilation the commands are
   > open (vc50.pch for exclusive use
   > write
   > setattrE
   > write
   > close vc50.pch
   > open (vc50.pch        which now works
   > Has anyone any ideas what may be causing this.?

   What version of Samba ? Is the client an NT box ?
   (The NT redirector seems to have some nasty race
   conditions within it - witness the really gross
   oplock hack that had to be put into 1.9.18p3 to
   get NT server to work.....).

Oops sorry i forgot that. Samba 1.9.18p4 and NT4 (service pack 3 i

Let me know if theres anything i can do to help try & find this.


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