password sync in 1.9.18p4

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Wed Apr 15 21:16:27 GMT 1998

John Mathews wrote:
> I had given NIS access to the Windows NT domain users via Samba
> 1.9.18p3. The Samba gateway worked great when the users on the NT domain
> had the same username & password on both the NT PDC as well as the NIS.
> I have now set up Samba 1.9.18.p4 with server security & password sync
> turned on. The server specified is my NT PDC. Users get full access to
> the NIS & the NT with single logon & authentication works fine. However
> the passwords refuse to sync when the user changes his password at
> either end.
> I understood from the p4 documentation that this should have worked. Did
> I understand wrong or have I screwed up somewhere ? Can someone please
> help ?

No this is not what the password sync code does.
The password sync code allows you to get a password
change request from a Windows box, and use the plaintext
password to then change the users unix password.

But the catch is you have to get a password change
request - changing the password on the NT domain
controller doesn't send a change request to the
Samba server on the NIS master, or vica versa.

Such a thing can be done however, and I have
code embedded in Cygnus's Kerbnet product
that will do such a thing.

I am currently negotiating with Cygnus to be 
able to re-release the relevent code portions 
under the GPL (the problem with Kerbnet is it's 
a crypto product and such has *massive* US export 

Hope this helps,

Jeremy Allison.
Samba Team.

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