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Robert Koruna robert.koruna at
Wed Apr 15 17:27:48 GMT 1998


this may sound real silly to you, but I'm working on the Samba 
Debugging for about a week now, and I can't find the problem.

May somebody knows what causes the following:

I installed a printer server. I print out of WinWord, Pegasusmail 
..., but I can't send a test page, and I can't print out of Netscape 
for example.
Win95 tells me the printer had a failure.
Samba debugging tells me it gets the file from an authenticated user. 
Stores it in /var/spool/public and sends the file to the LPR, with 
the command "lpr -r -Pprinter file".

But the file is not forwarded to lpr. It doesn't print it and it 
doesn't delete it in the /var/spool/public directory.

It samba 1.9.18p4 on linux slakware kernel 2.0.33.

lpr is LPRNG, but had no problems until now with samba and LPRNG.

Why is this possible ??? :-(((

I don't understand it.

Would be very kind of you to give me some info on how to get ridd of 



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