[netatalk-admins] File locking issues? Has it been a problem for you?

Jonathan Peterson jon at amxdigital.com
Wed Apr 15 09:48:52 GMT 1998

At 03:33 PM 4/14/98 -0700, Philip Hallstrom wrote:

>I've got a Sun that I want to use for file services for our desktops (Mac,
>W95).  I was planning on using netatalk and samba until I thought about
>the lack of file locking b/n the two.
>My question is - for those of you who run both samba and netatalk have you
>had problems with files getting corrupted due to lack of file locking?

Well, I ran some rudimentary tests with Microsoft word (6.0Mac and 97Win)
on a Mac and PC both trying to edit the same file:

Test 1. Open file on PC. Attempt to open on Mac. Opens without warnings.
Make change on mac and save. Saves without warning. make change on PC and
save, gives 'there has been a network or file permission error'.

Test 2. Open file on a Mac. Attempt to open on a PC, gives 'word cannot
open this document' but doesn't say why.

Bit random and strange, basically. I might add that this is better than the
WinNT 'services of Mac' does, which lets you merrily write ontop of
everything. Still, it is not ideal.

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