smbpasswd does not work for normal users in 1.9.18p4

Geza Makay makayg at
Tue Apr 14 06:52:30 GMT 1998

Hi everyone,

It seems to me that smbpasswd does not work for normal users in Samba
version 1.9.18p4. If I invoke it as root, then there is no problem with it,
but if I invoke it as a normal user, then I get the following:

$ smbpasswd -D 99
Old SMB password:
New SMB password:
Retype new SMB password:
Connecting to at port 139
write_socket(3,76) wrote 76
Sent session request
got smb length of 1
smbpasswd: machine rejected the session request. Error was : code

Moreover, the ENCRYPTION.txt file is a bit outdated now: you do not need
libdes, and you should NOT set smbpasswd to suid root.

Thanks for any suggestions.

With best regards,


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