strange timestamp-problem with smbfs to NT4sp3 (2.0.33) (sorry for little off-topic)

Gerhard Zuber zuber at
Mon Apr 13 20:35:17 GMT 1998

sorry, this is a little off-topic in this list, I hope someone can give me a tip.

I see a strange problem with smbfs:

I mount a share (on NTFS) from a WinNT4 (with SP3) on my linux-box with
smbmount. (kernel is 2.0.33).

all is functioning wonderfull, but the timestamps are corrupted by the linux-box.

the timestamps of newly created files are o .k. (e.g. touch works fine)

the timestampes of existing files that are used (opend for reading)
are corrupted.

example befor running gcc:

01.04.98  21:19                    387 testrc.c

now running gcc on the linuxbox, the result:
gcc -c testrc.c

01.04.98  21:19                    387 testrc.c
01.04.98  21:23                  1.076 testrc.o

now the linker 
gcc -o testrc testrc.o

01.04.98  21:24                  4.164 testrc
01.04.98  21:19                    387 testrc.c
22.06.52  21:47                  1.076 testrc.o

now the result with
gcc -o testrc testrc.c

01.04.98  21:25                  4.164 testrc
11.01.84  21:47                    387 testrc.c

the timestamps of files, that are only readed (testrc.c) are
strangely corrupted.
if I copy the files to a linux-local-directory, all is o.k.

this situation comes if I work over a smbfs-mounted share.

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