Please Help: Process_browse_packet problem

Paul Matthews Paul at
Mon Apr 13 00:26:18 GMT 1998


I am a real SAMBA newbie.  I have tried to put this up, but I do not
understand it ...  obviously.

I can mount a few drives on my NT 4.0 workstations, but I cannot mount
anything on my Linux box.

I get this wierd error in syslog:

process_browse_packet: On subnet ignoring browse packet
command code 11
from HOST<00> IP yyy.yy.yy to DOMAIN<1e>

What could cause this?  How can I figure out why I can't use NT 4.0 (SP3 &
IE4.01, etc.) with

Please ... isn't there a simple step-by-step howto?

Paul Matthews

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