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I take this opportunity to introduce you to siliconindia, a magazine 
directed at Business and Technology Professionals of Indian Origin. It 
is the only magazine integrating business, technology, career, 
professional networking, investment and entertainment in the US and 
India. It presents expert analysis from the foremost Indians in their 
respective fields. All issues of siliconindia have been received with  
universal acclaim by subscribers and industry leaders.  
Prominent indians who have shared their experiences and vision in 
siliconindia are: 
Vinod Khosla         Co-founder and first CEO, Sun Microsystems 
Desh Deshpande       Founder, Cascade Communications 
Sanjiv Ahuja         President & COO, Bellcore 
Dr. Arun Netravali   VP, Research, Lucent Technologies-Bell Labs 
Sam Pitroda          Chairman, WorldTel 
Sanjay Kumar	     President, Computer Associates 
S. Ramadorai	     CEO, Tata Consulting Services 
Dewang Mehta         Executive Director, NASSCOM 
Published from New York, siliconindia is an attractively designed and 
produced monthly print magazine with an actively updated web-site. It 
features profiles of leading Chief Executives, entrepreneurs and 
companies from both US and India. It informs readers of the research and 
innovation being done in companies and academic institutions, and covers 
the latest developments in technology and trade in areas of Hardware, 
Software, Internet, Management, Regulation & Policy, Business 
Collaborations, Joint Ventures, Careers and Job opportunities.  
Annual subscription to siliconindia is $24. At this time,  
as a special promotion, we invite your to get free subscription to 
siliconindia without cost or obligation by filling out a short subscription  
form on our web-site, 
Hope you'll subscribe and be a part of siliconindia's large and growing 
network of subscribers! 
Harvi Sachar 
Publisher, SiliconIndia 
Phone Number: 212-271-9691 
For suggestions and comments: editor at 
P.S. We are sending this e-mail to a select group of professionals of 
Indian origin. We sincerely apologize if we have inconvenienced you in 
any way. 

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