Printing to Unix Printers w/ Samba

William C. Regli wregli at
Sat Apr 11 01:53:33 GMT 1998

Hello All:

I have sucessfully gotten Samba running with NT 4.0 SP3 across 2 NT
workstations an a Sun Ultra running Solaris 2.6.  We can share files, no
problem.  We have the latest version of Samba 1.9.18p4.

Printing: problem.

We've tried a bunch of things: NT sees the printer, it can even watch it
spool when a unix-side user prints to it.  But, if we try to print from NT,
printing to the unix printer or dragging files onto it we get cryptic

Can't write to directory, operation failed, etc.

We've followed all the instructions and we even have the Samba book!  The
spool directory is set up right, printer working....

Any ideas?

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