Problem with "password server" setup. What is *SMBSERVER?

Roberts, Joseph T. RobertJT at
Thu Apr 9 14:40:02 GMT 1998

I have Samba 1.9.18p3 running under Solaris 2.6.  I'm trying to use my
sites PDC (running under NT) as the password server for this
installation.  For the most part this is working correctly.

However, I have a few users that have changed their NT/Novell (We run
Novell Intranetware) passwords and found that they could no longer
access Samba drives off the Solaris box.  Experimenting found that using
their old password would grant them access.  This problem has not arisen
for the majority of users that have changed their NT passwords.

We do have multiple BDC's, but the issue does not seem to be that the
password has not been updated on the PDC yet. When I watch (with tcpdump
with the samba patches) everything looks OK until SMB_COM_TRANSACTION
(SMB command 0x25).  In the data of the request I see the userid and
*SMBSERVER.  For a user that doesn't experience this problem *SMBSERVER
is replaced with the Solaris box's name.  

Can anyone give me an idea of what else I should look at to figure this
problem out? 



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