Tool allowing a user to kill their own smb server

Larry Williamson larry at
Wed Apr 8 19:24:54 GMT 1998

When a PC crashes the smb process does not die. If that smb process is
holding a lock on a file, the file is locked until I, the sysadmin,
kill it. 

Some of our smb processes are owned by the user, but most are owned by
root, so the user cannot kill it themselves.

I am thinking about writing a small script that will, for a given
user, search out all smb processes and kill them.  Maybe someone has
already done this?

Of course, I would rather this happen automatically - when a pc
crashes, the smb process dies too.  Maybe I just have to know what
config parameters to use.

I have considered using the dead time parameter, but we turned that
off more than a year ago for reasons I no longer remember.  Should I
reconsider that decision?

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Kind regards,

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