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Michael Will Michael_Will at
Wed Apr 8 18:56:05 GMT 1998


I have an interesting situation where SAMBA servers that are across various
routers are requiring the fully qualified domain name.  Example:
\\  If our SAMBA server is local (behind the same router
as our client), then the \\xyx name will work fine....

This allows you to connect, but if you are browsing the network
neighborhood, and you double click on the \\xyx when the server is not
local, you get a error back netname could not be found; where as the
\\ works fine.

Any ideas how to standardize this to allow connections with only the names?
I can get it to work when I point my NT client to a local WINS server
(where the \\xyx is also located) however, we have mulitple DOMAINs and we
can keep chaging the primary and secondary WINS servers on the client.


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