1.9.18p4 smbpasswd

Todd Pfaff todd at edge.cis.mcmaster.ca
Wed Apr 8 18:46:16 GMT 1998

no complaints, just a little something that i noticed with smbpasswd in
1.9.18p4 that is not clear from the documentation (WHATSNEW.txt or the
smbpasswd man page)...

if you try to change your samba password without specifying the remote
hostname (-r hostname) the connection is from/to localhost and it will
fail unless you have localhost in your 'hosts allow' setting in smb.conf.
you will get an error message from smbpasswd:

smbpasswd: machine rejected the session request. Error was :
code 131.

and in log.smb you will see:

04/08/1998 14:23:17 Connection denied from

also, if you are using 'security = server' would it not make sense to use
the 'password server' setting from smb.conf if it exists as the default
for the -r option to smbpasswd?

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