strange login problem

Jim Craven craven at
Mon Apr 6 16:06:44 GMT 1998


We run a small win95 client network served by samba on sunos and
solaris.  We use security=share as that is the default.
The [netlogon] is on our sunos host and our users  can only
login in if I set public = yes.    Samba is 1.9.18p3.  We use
security=share so the problem is not too severe, i.e. users that
logon as user nobody still seem to be able to access shares
with their normal username; nonetheless netlogon seems weird and
I would like to know if our behaviour is normal for our environment.

In our logfile when public = 'yes' for [netlogon], clients seem to
attach to netlogon as user 'nobody'; is this normal behaviour?:

>>04/03/1998 11:58:00 abitibi connect to service netlogon as user nobody
When I set public = 'no' for [netlogon] the error message is rather 
cryptic to me:

>>Allowed connection from abitibi to netlogon
>>Trying username netlogoN
>>04/03/1998 12:16:57 invalid username/password for netlogon
>>04/03/1998 12:16:57 error packet at line 171 cmd=117 (SMBtconX) eclass=2 ecode=2
>>04/03/1998 12:16:57 Transaction 5 of length 39
>>switch message SMBtdis (pid 2192)
>>04/03/1998 12:16:57 abitibi closed connection to service IPC$
>>Yielding connection to 12 IPC$
>>04/03/1998 12:16:57 tdis cnum=12
>>end of file from client
>>Closing connections
>>04/03/1998 12:16:57 Server exit  (normal exit)

Our smb.conf tests fine.  I have been thru a diagnosis and all is
well. Here is a snippet from our smb.conf:

        hosts allow = 132.156.40.
        workgroup = GSC-SEM
        password level = 0
        debug level = 3
        os level = 65
        domain logons = yes
        logon script = %U.bat
        print command = lpr -s -r -P %p %s
        path = /sw/local/samba/lib
        writeable = no
        public = yes

(Some users are also associated with unexplainable coredumps of smbd in
StrCpy operations during the session termination and initialization,
i.e. before a client user has even enterred their username/password, ;
this may be related...).

Thanks for any help,


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