Public print share on Samba/VMS asks for a password

Dave Thompson, Sys Admin Supvr dave_t%swfwmd at EPIC66.DEP.STATE.FL.US
Wed Apr 8 13:36:25 GMT 1998

Hello again,

I didn't receive any replies to my question yesterday, so here it is
again. I'm sure someone can help answer this easy question for me.

I'm trying to configure a public print share that doesn't require a
password to connect to on a MicroVAX/VMS system. This system will never
have login accounts for the individual users as all it really does is
serve up printers and plotters to our Win95 PCs and I don't much care
about who connects to this system and its shares.

Any variations to smb.conf I've tried always asks the users for a password
to make the connection.

Here's my config for one such share:

    comment = LIMS HP 1600 CM Deskjet Printer
    path = /samba_root/var/spool
    browseable = no
    available = yes
    guest account = samba_user
    guest only = yes
    public = yes
    printer name = datdj01$print
    printable = yes
    writable = no
    create mode = 0700

Could someone help point me in the right direction? Thanks for any

Dave Thompson

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