SAMBA digest 1648

Yanek Korff yanek at CS.WM.EDU
Wed Apr 8 12:00:22 GMT 1998

>>"foobar."  Win95 keeps sending over it's username as the person who logged
>>in to that computer, or as the computer's machine name... and samba uses
>>that.  I'd rather if they just typed in "foobar" they'd be in foobar's
>>account. Can this be done?
>Establish a group foobar in /etc/group with all the users that shall be
allowed to access the share foobar.
>	foobar::<nnn>:andy,bert,charly,...
>Establish a user foobar in /etc/passwd with GID of foobar.
>Then alter your smb.conf to read something like
>   path = /anywhere/foobar
>   valid users = foobar, @foobar
>   force user = foobar
>   force group = foobar
>   create mode = 771
So I'd still have to know in advance which users I want to allow (andy,
bert, charly...)?  I think I tried force user at one point to try and
ignore the username that win95 sent over, but samba seemed to autheticate
based on their username anyway.


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