Problems with tcpdump-smb

Andrej Borsenkow borsenkow.msk at
Wed Apr 8 06:49:45 GMT 1998

Stanley.Hopcroft at wrote:
>      Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
>      I am writing to ask your help using Mr Tridgells tcpdump-smb
>      (
>      My problem is that it appears to erroneosly report very long packets
>      that it identifies as SMBError = ERROR: Unknown error (32,37233) and
>      then displays a huge amount of data eg

This version has problems with non-IP traffic, e.g. NetBEUI
or IPX. It incorrectly
determines start and length of data in such a package. Most
probably, you
hit this problem. Do you run protocols other than IP on your

I once had a patch to it, but lost it after crash :-( Since
then, never had
time to debug it again ...


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