Printer not ready - PC hangs up

Jochen Ruckgaber jochen.ruckgaber at
Wed Apr 8 06:38:33 GMT 1998

Hello fellows,

We have a problem with printing from multiple 95PC's to a DUNIX
Samba-Server (1.9.17p4) printer.
The printer is a DEC 3500 which is connected to the server via TCP/IP.

If we print from a PC and the printer is offline (e.g. has a paperjam or
is out of paper ...)
the PC hangs up until the printer is ready again.
Is the handshake between the PC's and the server or printer so close,
that the PC knows
what the printer is doing, and stops if the printer can't print ???

Are there any posibilitys to change this, so that the PC would not hang
if the printer
is offline ??


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