dial-up, wins, samba

Ben Kosse BKosse at thecreek.com
Tue Apr 7 22:57:26 GMT 1998

IIRC, the main set always overrides the per-connection settings. The
notable parts are 1: DNS is always overridable (especially if you don't
put one in the main setting), and the gateway is always unique.

> Does anyone know if the following is a known problem, or maybe I
> configured something wrong.
Answer: Microsoft's "quality" quality control. 

> In windows95 you can configure a seperate dns and wins servers for
> dialup that you make. You can also configure these in the 'main?'
> under control panel>network.
> After 2 days of hell, I figured out that my system will only use the
> wins server if its specified in the 'main' setup and will not work if
> I specify it in any of my seperate dialups BUT dns will work in each
> of the dialups !?!?
Did you try only using the per connection settings, with *NOTHING*
(other than the defaults) being used in the main setup? Oh, if you have
a NIC, you are, by definition, screwed. Remember, Microsoft's
programming model is: if the network is up, you're one damn lucky guy.

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