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>Is there any way to have an account that let's multiple users from Windows
>95 clients log in?  i.e., let's say there are shared folders called foo and
>bar.  bar is public.  foo is accessible to user "foobar" with password
>"foobar."  Win95 keeps sending over it's username as the person who logged
>in to that computer, or as the computer's machine name... and samba uses
>that.  I'd rather if they just typed in "foobar" they'd be in foobar's
>account. Can this be done?

Establish a group foobar in /etc/group with all the users that shall be allowed to access the share foobar.


Establish a user foobar in /etc/passwd with GID of foobar.

Then alter your smb.conf to read something like

   path = /anywhere/foobar
   valid users = foobar, @foobar
   force user = foobar
   force group = foobar
   create mode = 771

Then anyone mentioned in group foobar will be allowed to access that share. Any file created there will get UID of 
foobar and GID of foobar and will be readable/writeable for all that people.

HTH ...

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