Netscape profile scripts?

Dana Canfield canfield at
Tue Apr 7 17:32:17 GMT 1998

A while back there was a thread in which many people were discussing how
to make Netscape work with roaming profiles.  There was some talk about
how this would require a script to modify the registry, etc.  I just
talked to one of the NS programmers who said that the problem would be
fixed and even enhanced in a version 4.5.  He didn't say whether the 4.5
code was going to be an internal or public release, though.

In any case, their personal response to me was enough to convince me to
stick with Netscape rather than convert to IE, so I'm wondering if
anyone has some of the previously-mentioned scripts that they wouldn't
mind sharing with me while we wait for this new release?  The Windows
Registry is a new area for me, and I'm fearful of trying to write the
script myself.

Thanks in advance,


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