Public print share on Samba/VMS asks for a password

Dave Thompson, Sys Admin Supvr dave_t%swfwmd at EPIC66.DEP.STATE.FL.US
Tue Apr 7 16:50:12 GMT 1998

Hi all,

I'm sure this has been discussed here before but at the time, it didn't
apply to me ... until now.

I'm trying to configure a public print share on a VAX/VMS system that
doesn't require any password to connect to. Anything I've tried always
asks the users for a password to make the connection. I don't much care
about who connects to this system and its shares as all it really does is
serve up printers and plotters to our Win95 PCs. 

Here's my config for this share:

    comment = LIMS HP 1600 CM Deskjet Printer
    path = /samba_root/var/spool
    browseable = no
    available = yes
    guest account = samba_user
    guest only = yes
    public = yes
    printer name = datdj01$print
    printable = yes
    writable = no
    create mode = 0700

Thanks for any suggestions/solutions.


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