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Tue Apr 7 06:00:16 GMT 1998

Very very very cool. I have been thinking of this one myself. I 
thought I tested it and that I came to the conclusion that Samba did 
not recognize named pipes, and just treated them like normal files 
(overwriting them when you drag a text file onto them). But I must 
have made a mistake somewhere. It' perfect.
The way I will set it up is like this: a Progress program will sit on 
a named pipe and wait for input. As soon as something comes in, it 
will start reading and pump the data into the database. The bar-code 
readers can send the information onto the named pipe.
Thanks very much.

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> Subject: Triggering processes through Samba
> I was wondering if there isn't a more direct way of triggering a
> process through Samba, so that I can get rid of the daemon.
> Thanks for your help.

You could try creating a named pipe under Unix and having your
barcode reader write data to it.

$ mknod pipe p
$ ls -l pipe
prw-r--r--   1 brett    sct            0 Apr  6 14:47 pipe
$ cat pipe

Meanwhile over on the PC...

D:\tmp>dir pipe
 Volume in drive D is brett
 Volume Serial Number is 0994-05F2

 Directory of D:\tmp

06/04/98  13:47                      0 pipe
               1 File(s)              0 bytes
                            122,486,784 bytes free
D:\tmp>echo hello > pipe

Then back at the Unix machine:

$ cat pipe

Just like magic...

> Koen Dejonghe

Brett Worth

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