NIS and NT password synching

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I sat up and took note at the latest release of samba when 
it talked about Synching the NT and Unix passwords! 
However, after reading the documentation I am a little 

We tried using the smbpasswd concept a while back 
but abandoned it in favour of the "password server = 
nt-box" idea as it was simpler. We got around synching 
passwords from the unix end by using a nt rsh server and 
few wraparound scripts. However, this isn't the world's 
greatest method! Is it possible at the new version to use 
smbpasswd to change both the NIS and remote NT Domain 
Controller password and still use server level security as 
above, or do you have to revert to user level to achieve 
this? Has anybody else tried this?

Any information of general comments would be welcome.

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