Triggering processes through Samba

Dejonghe, Koen Koen.Dejonghe at
Mon Apr 6 00:39:55 GMT 1998


I need to upload data from a barcode scanner into a Progress database 
on UNIX. The barcode reader is attached to a PC. We have set it up in 
this way that the barcode reader creates a file in a directory shared 
by the PC and an HP box. A simple daemon on the HP scans the directory 
and triggers a program to upload the data whenever it finds a file in 
that directory.

I was wondering if there isn't a more direct way of triggering a 
process through Samba, so that I can get rid of the daemon.
Thanks for your help.

Koen Dejonghe
QAD Service Line
Origin International - Brussels
tel. +32 (0)2 712 3668

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