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> the win 95 computer logons are not being authenticated. I was wondering,
> is it possible to make Samba behave as a PDC, so that the win 95 machines
> can log on? Would this would make the users' home directory shares
> available without any more authentication? (Currently, all the users share
> the same logon in the NT domain, and then access their home directory
> shares on unix by running \\unixserver\share from the win 95 "run command" 
> menu, and then have to type their unix passwords again). If it can, it
> will make things very easy for users on our LAN, because many of them are
> not comfortable with FTP. Using the network neighbourhood from win 95 is
> much easier for them. It would also save us the hassle of making sure that
> a PDC is available, since the unix server is on all the time and is far
> more stable.
> If there are any good web sites with documentation of this subject, I
> would appreciate some pointers.

Yes samba can act as a PDC but not the version you have.  See for a draft

Only catch is that you have to set "encrypt passwords = yes"  which will
require you to keep a separate list of accounts on the UNIX box.

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