smbclient (1.9.18p3) dies or needs killing when used for backups (via Amanda)

Rick Flower Rick.Flower at
Fri Apr 3 22:24:40 GMT 1998

Has anyone noticed that there appears to be a few
problems with regards to Samba and in particular the
usage of smbclient, which can do one of the following :

1) Complete & udder death of the NT networking subsystem
   (which requires a reboot to cure)

2) smbclient appears to lose its connection with the
   host being contacted and eventually needs to be

I'm not too sure how to go about trouble-shooting
the problems above, and I'm not too sure if they
are even related to each other.  But I do know that
when I try to backup even 5 NT boxes via Amanda,
that at least one will fail..  I ran backups again
last night, and below is just the top of the output
that was stuffed into my mailbox (of about 14Mb).
Now, in this particular case, notice that two
instances of smbclient failed to complete -- one with
a data timeout (see #2 above), and the other I'm not
real sure about it.. The "strange" lines are normal,
and I'm not concerned about them at this point in time!
If ANYONE has any ideas on how to proceed, I'd be
interested in hearing it!  Keep in mind that I know
very LITTLE about the SMB protocol, but perhaps for
the timeout problem, I should be specifying the
keepalive feature to be used -- I currently am not
using it.  Also, I've attached my current top portion
of my smb.conf file.

-- Rick

Platform: Sun Ultra Enterprise 450/Solaris 2.6
          Amanda 2.4.0 beta
	    Samba 1.9.18p3
	    NT 4.0 SP3


  justice    //p02805022/backups lev 0 FAILED [can't switch to incremental
  justice    //p02634373/backups lev 1 STRANGE
  justice    //p02634211/backups lev 1 FAILED [data timeout]
  justice    //p02634491/backups lev 1 FAILED
[/usr/local/samba/bin/smbclient got signal 13, index got signal 15]
  justice    //p02634373/backups lev 0 STRANGE
  justice    //p02634491/backups lev 0 STRANGE

                          Total       Full      Daily
                        --------   --------   --------
Dump Time (hrs:min)        2:26       0:15       0:00   (0:11 start, 2:00
Output Size (meg)        4468.0     4418.0       50.1
Original Size (meg)      4468.0     4418.0       50.1
Avg Compressed Size (%)     --         --         --
Tape Used (%)              44.7       44.2        0.5   (level:#disks ...)
Filesystems Dumped            7          5          2   (1:2)
Avg Dump Rate (k/s)       528.4      598.4       46.6
Avg Tp Write Rate (k/s)  4949.3     4893.8        --


;======================= Global Settings

  debuglevel     = 3
  workgroup      = dh
  comment        = Justice Samba Server
  admin users    = root
  load printers  = no
  printing       = sysv
  log file       = /usr/local/samba/var/log.%m
  username map   = /usr/local/samba/lib/
  max log size   = 50
  hide dot files = yes
  browseable     = yes
  preserve case  = yes
  short preserve case = yes
  guest account  = guest
  encrypt passwords = yes
  status         = yes
  dead time      = 10
  oplocks        = false

  lock directory = /usr/local/samba/var/locks
  locking        = yes
  domain master  = no
  local master   = yes
  preferred master = yes
  os level       = 65
  share modes    = yes
  wins support   = no
  wins server    =
  security = user

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