configuring samba as a PDC

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Fri Apr 3 08:51:10 GMT 1998

Hello. I am new to Samba, so if my questions are basic, please forgive me.
A few weeks ago, I managed to get Samba running on my BSD/OS 2.1 server.
The samba version is 1.9.15p4 as supplied by default with this OS

Everything seems to work well on it. The shares are accessible OK. We also
had an NT 4.0 server on our LAN that was the PDC. Unfortunately, it died a
horrible death last week - crashed completely. Now we don't have a PDC and
the win 95 computer logons are not being authenticated. I was wondering,
is it possible to make Samba behave as a PDC, so that the win 95 machines
can log on? Would this would make the users' home directory shares
available without any more authentication? (Currently, all the users share
the same logon in the NT domain, and then access their home directory
shares on unix by running \\unixserver\share from the win 95 "run command" 
menu, and then have to type their unix passwords again). If it can, it
will make things very easy for users on our LAN, because many of them are
not comfortable with FTP. Using the network neighbourhood from win 95 is
much easier for them. It would also save us the hassle of making sure that
a PDC is available, since the unix server is on all the time and is far
more stable.

If there are any good web sites with documentation of this subject, I
would appreciate some pointers.



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