Need Help Copiling Samba on Intergraph

doug doug.k.smith at
Thu Apr 2 15:48:22 GMT 1998

I am trying to compile Samba on an Intergraph 6750 server running Clix.
These are my results....................

Using CFLAGS = -O -DSMBLOGFILE="/usr/local/samba/var/log.smb"
Using LIBS =  -lbsd -lc_s     
Compiling mem_man/mem_man.c 
Compiling rpc_pipes/srvparse.c 
Compiling rpc_pipes/smbparse.c 
Compiling rpc_pipes/lsaparse.c 
Compiling rpc_pipes/pipeutil.c 
Compiling rpc_pipes/pipe_hnd.c 
Compiling rpc_pipes/samrparse.c 
Compiling rpc_pipes/wksparse.c 
Compiling rpc_pipes/lsa_hnd.c 
Compiling rpc_pipes/pipenetlog.c 
Compiling rpc_pipes/pipentlsa.c 
Compiling rpc_pipes/pipesrvsvc.c 
Compiling rpc_pipes/pipewkssvc.c 
Compiling rpc_pipes/pipesamr.c 
Linking smbd 
ld *command line* fatal: Can't open file mem_man/mem_man.o for input 
*** Error code 13 


It appears to me that it compiles but crashes when it starts to link.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Doug Smith

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