unix password sync problems!

Todd Pfaff todd at edge.cis.mcmaster.ca
Thu Apr 2 14:14:56 GMT 1998

On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, Dan Stromberg wrote:

> > *Can* root change an NIS password remotely without plaintext
> > knowledge of the old password ?
> That was part of my question.
> I got less lazy and dug through some rpc.yppasswdd sources.
> It looks to me like the only cleartext password that gets passed, is the
> old one, not the new one.  Sigh.
> So yes it can be done, but not in an acceptable amount of time with
> the-usual-onc-rpc-based-password-changing-protocol.
> Or more practically: It'd almost certainly require replacing one
> rpc.yppasswdd (or similar) and all /usr/bin/yppasswd's.

in solaris 2.5 you can run 'passwd -r files username' as root to change
the password for username in the local passwd file without knowing the old

could the 'passwd program' be a script?

  /usr/bin/passwd -r files %u
  cd /var/yp

of course, this will only work if your samba server where 'passwd program'
runs is also your nis master server.

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