Solaris Shared Memory and Samba 18p3-4

Matt JD Aldridge matthew.aldridge at
Thu Apr 2 11:20:25 GMT 1998


Please could someone in the know help me out with the shared memory configuration (/etc/system?) required on Solaris 2.5 and above to support samba with about 1000 open files per process.  Since 1.9.18p3 I have been getting errors like:

Apr  2 12:15:39 skyhawk smbd[27493]: Can't create or use IPC area

And now with 1.9.18p4 I get the same, plus:

Apr  2 12:15:39 skyhawk smbd[27493]: WARNING smb_shm_open : filesize (102400) != expected size (523264), using filesize

Every time a new connection is made and a new process is spawned.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Only changes I made were to MAX_OPEN_FILES in local.h

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