Mounting of NT Shares on SunOS

Thomas E. Knowles tek at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Apr 1 21:56:02 GMT 1998

Rumba has been ported to more OS's than Linux and NextStep as of version 0.6.

A much better program though is one called 'Sharity' (written by the author of
Rumba).  It's commercial, but pretty cheap.

Thomas E. Knowles
tek at CS.Princeton.EDU

> Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 09:41:47 +0100
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> Subject: Mounting of NT Shares on SunOS
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> Hi There
> Do anyone know about the posibility to mount an NT share into SunOS (SunOS
> and Solaris 2.x)  operating system.
> I know there is a solution for Linux(smbmount, smbunmount), but this does
> not work on SunOS because smbfs is not supported. Is there a known port of
> the software on SunOS...?
> I have looked into using a piece of software called rumba(software to mount
> NT shares via smb to nfs) to do it. But this only works on Linux and
> NextStep. It has to be ported to SunOS.
> Does anyone have any input on this..
> Sincerly
> Karl D. Gursli
> Technical Consultant UNIX
> Sema Group Norge As
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