Idea for new Perl module (relevant to Samba)

H. Todd Chapman htchapma at
Wed Apr 1 19:41:59 GMT 1998

I have an idea for a Perl module and ultimately a CGI interface that I
want to start working on, so I would like input from interested parties.

The purpose of the module is to facilitate a CGI interface to the Unix
file system. The original idea behind this is that I wanted to expose my
Samba users to the richness of Unix file permissions. The interface would
be a point and click access to explaining and setting file modes and
ownerships. Also, icons next to the files could be used for such things
and compressing and uncompressing files.

I think groups of Windows users working together could benefit from access
to unix permissions. Perhaps functionality could be included to allow
users to form new unix groups on the fly!

I think there are lots of possibilitites here. This interface may even be
useful to non-Samba users. You don't even need a web server if the right
Perl modules are used!

Here is a list of features I have thought of:

-Perl modules generates HTML including JavaScript to implement CGI
-Point and click changes to permissions.
-Poing and click changes to file owner and group.
-Creat a group on the fly.
-Click on question mark icon next to file and an explanation is given to
the user of what the permissions mean, which ofcourse needs to be adjusted
based on the Unix OS being used.
-Click on icon next to a file to compress/uncompress it.
-Click on icon next to a directory to compress/uncompress all files
-Use smb.conf setting to hide or remap filenames.
-Use smb.conf shares entries to determine which parts of the filesystem
tree are available.
-Click on the filename to download it (could point to the http server or a
network drive)

The CGI script would need to be SUID, but it would authenticate and then
change to the UID of the authenticated user.

Please respond with ideas, encouragement, criticism, whatever...


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