Problem with smbpasswd

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Wed Apr 1 17:43:53 GMT 1998

Rainer Hauck wrote:

> Great, this solved the problem. Thank you very much.
> But there are still some questions left open:
> Why was root allowed to change the password?

Root doesn't go through the client/server mechanism
unless you explicitly add a -r localhost to the
smbpasswd line. This is to allow root to update
a local smbpassword file without needing to know
a users old password.

> Is there a way to do the 'password sync' with HP-UX 10.20? Where can I find a
> list which OSs support this feature? All I found in the docs is that not all
> OSs support it.

Not sure - you will have to look into compiling

> How can I set the debug level for smbpasswd. The command line option '-D'
> seems to be ignored. To my opinion it takes the debug level from the smb.conf
> file. This is especially annoying when you are using a high debug level to
> track some problem because all your users automatically get the debug output
> when changing their passwords.

Well, by default it takes the debug level from
smb.conf (as do all the Samba tools). You can
override it on the smbpasswd command line via the -D


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