Dissapearing samba servers

Iain Gray iain.gray at srl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Apr 1 13:43:50 GMT 1998

John Blair wrote:

> > I run Solaris 2.5.1, and samba-1.9.17p1.
> First suggestion would be to upgrade to 1.9.18p4.  Your problem may
> disappear.

Granted and that was to be my next step.
> though you can still map a network drive by
> > using a UNC pathway:
> >
> > \\server\share
> >
> > so the share is still out there but the server dissapears every so
> > often.
> Would you describe the structure of your network?  It sounds like you've
> got a problem syncronizing local master browsers on a multiple-subnet IP
> network.  Of course, if your network is all in one subnet this can't be
> the problem :)

Yep I'm afraid I do just have one subnet.

Solaris server with mixed pcs and sun boxes on ethernet fully switched
network. My smb.conf is very simple just to share home space and
printers, and no fancy synch-ing or anything like that.


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