Mounting of NT Shares on SunOS

Gursli, Karl Dag (SEMA) gurslikd at
Wed Apr 1 08:41:47 GMT 1998

Hi There

Do anyone know about the posibility to mount an NT share into SunOS (SunOS
and Solaris 2.x)  operating system.

I know there is a solution for Linux(smbmount, smbunmount), but this does
not work on SunOS because smbfs is not supported. Is there a known port of
the software on SunOS...?

I have looked into using a piece of software called rumba(software to mount
NT shares via smb to nfs) to do it. But this only works on Linux and
NextStep. It has to be ported to SunOS.
Does anyone have any input on this..


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