Problem with smbclient ...

Duncan Hill duncan at
Tue Sep 30 15:46:59 GMT 1997

Ok, got a real interesting bug here (if it is a bug).

I have 2 computers running samba, one is an HP, and the other is a Linux
machine.  The network looks something like this:

HP9000		  Linux       Modem	   P5-200MMX
HP-UX 10.20  <--> Gateway <-- PPP link --> Linux 2.0.29
Stable .16 release			   .17 release, no patches applied

Everything is behind a firewall, so all traffic is "private".

There are also a couple of Win95/3.1 boxes hanging around on each network
(HP side and Linux side).

The HP is on the network and the Linux machine is on the network.  The Linux side is configured to bcast over .10.0
and .20.0 (as a test).  .17 is not running on the HP due to several bugs
which I'm trying to determine the origin of via binary search through the
various alpha releases of .17.

If I use smbclient on the HP, and ask it to mount the Linux side like so:
smbclient \\\\\\files -U user
I get the password promt, enter the appropriate password, and get
disconnected.  In my log file on the Linux side, I see:
Registered username user for guest access
user is in 3 groups
Clearing default real name
Transaction 3 of length 76
Switch message SMBtconX
Denied connection from to files
error packet at line 127 cmd=117 (SMBtconX) eclass=2 ecode=4  error string
= Invalid arguement

It then repeats from Transaction, and says server exit.

(I'd provide an exact cut and paste, but I have no mouse, and the log file
is several megs..lotta trimming.)

If I now use smbclient on the linux side, I can mount shares on the HP
like a charm.

Win95 clients on both sides of the network can mount shares on the server
in that network, but not shares on the other network. (Complains about
host not found, and I can't find a way to force 95 to use IP's)


Please send replies direct, as this address is not on the list. (My home
address is, not my work address).

Thanks in advance

Duncan Hill

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