smb clients and performance

Steve Jones sj2393 at
Tue Sep 30 13:19:11 GMT 1997

On Sep 29, 11:40pm, Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:
 Subject: Re: smb clients and performance

> then it shouldn't be a problem. Understand that Windows machines do this
> regardless of whether, or not, a server is on the LAN. My sub-net can be
> absolutely quiescent and the packet indicator light, on the router, still
> blips occasionaly, even when the Linux servers are completely off-line.
> This is on a LAN with no NetBEUI drivers loaded and running 'pure' TCP/IP,
> on WinNTws40SP3.

So, do I understand correctly that it is impossible to
eliminate this broadcasting, whether or not a samba
server is being used?  Stated another way, can a MS
network be configured such that these clients do not do
this broadcasting and, if so, does this mode exclude the
use of a samba server on the LAN?

> Yes, they can use pure TCP/IP for the Win3.11 and WfW machines. DOS has
> another problem. But, I haven't used DOS for a looong time. The last I used
> the WfW, I used the MS-TCP stack and it worked just dandy *and* I ditched
> the NetBIOS/NetBEUI stuff. There is a dialog box to let you do that.
> However, it's been 2 years since I saw WfW, I recommend you get equal
> distance from that pile of dreck. Why are you hesitating going to 'pure'

Actually, I believe we have gone total TCP/IP.  I'm not
personally running netBEUI on the PCs that I'm using.
I think the administrator may be of the notion that
netBEUI is necessary for SMB clients and so thinks that
I'm using netBEUI.  Myself, I'm just confused... 8^)

> >I probably *could* have posed the above questions more
> >awkwardly, I just didn't try hard enough!  ;^).
> I think you did just fine <grin>

Give me time...


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