Samba-1.9.17p2 & PAM

Charlie Brady cbrady at
Tue Sep 30 08:10:24 GMT 1997

On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, Bill Campbell wrote:

> I've found on Caldera Open Linux 1.1 (Base and Standard) that
> compiling without the -DUSE_PAM stuff works just fine.  I don't know
> about other implementations, but on Caldera the shared libraries seem
> to automatically do the Right Thing if you're not getting down and
> dirty with the /etc/password or /etc/shadow files manually.

This is just saying that if you wind the clock back to pre-PAM days,
things will work as they used to.

This is true, but it also means that you preclude any of the advantages of
using PAM, e.g. MD5 hashed shadow passwords, without any changes to apps.
Or, more usefully, but I think not available yet (just checked - it *is*),
authentication against an NT server, not just for samba, but for login,
POP3 etc as well. 

Hence, it probably is a more progressive move to just get your PAM setup
working. Try pam-list at if you continue to have trouble.

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