NT4 network neverhood problems

Erik Corry ec at sign-tronic.dk
Tue Sep 30 08:58:19 GMT 1997

Przemyslaw Baszkiewicz <bp17 at twarda.pan.pl> wrote:
: I run smb via inet, Sol2.5.1. Works great but...
: 1. I switch on the NT4+SP3 box.
: 2. I open network neighborhood - I see both NT box and Sol2.5.1 Samba
: server
: Great!
: 3. I switch NT off and back on: mounts drives all right but
:    when I open network neighborhood and I don't see my Samba server
:    there.
: :-0  :-(   :-((
: I switch NT off, kill nmbd, back on with NT, and Samba server shows up
: again.
What happens when you switch on NT while nmbd is dead, is that
an NT machine becomes master browser for the subnet. After the
NT machine has been down the Samba machine is master browser,
and the NT machine can't cope with this.
I'm seeing problems like this, too. I have a cross-subnet browsing setup
that works like a charm for W95 machines. But my NT4 machines (clients,
not servers) don't seem to be able to cope with a Samba 1.9.17p1 machine
being master browser.
The NT machines are unstable and move/get switched off/etc. so
I am forced to have a Samba machine as my domain master and WINS
server. I don't use domain logons, so as far as I have understood,
there shouldn't be a problem with the famous security-by-obscurity
NT client protocols, but perhaps I have misunderstood something.
One possible solution might be, to have my Samba server be WINS
server and domain master, but not master browser on the local subnet.
But the advice in various docs and FAQs is that the domain master
should also be master browser for its own subnet.
Any advice? Does this work for anyone? Should this work?

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