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Tue Sep 30 08:34:18 GMT 1997

>On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>> the performance of a samba server on non-shared files is about half
>> of an NT server, or indeed any lightly loaded equivalent SMB server
>> implements oplocks.
>> the performance of a heavily loaded samba server has been
demonstrated to 
>> be about twice that of an equivalent, heavily loaded NT server.
>Before Jim gets too discouraged, it is worth noting that people have
>reported file delivery by Samba on an ethernet at 800KB/s. I'll eat my
>if NT doubles that!

On my samba server, which is an ancient 486DX4 with only 8Mb, running
FreeBSD, I usually see about 500KB/s when transferring large files over
10Mbit ethernet. Only one or two clients are usually connected. I've no
idea about NT, because I've never used it, but 500KB/s seems fast to me.

What is the max 'raw' throughput of 10Mbit ethernet anyway? About

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