File copying with smbclient vs. IIS

Thorsten Lockert tholo at
Tue Sep 30 03:50:42 GMT 1997

We are in a situation where we have to use IIS to publish some documents
on the web.  However, these documents can currently only be generated on

This is not a problem, seeing that we can just make a tar file and use
smbclient in tar mode (smbtar) to move the documents to the NT server with

However, there is one problem.  Apparently smbclient will open the files
without specifying DENY_NONE, causing a sharing violation because IIS is
doing extensive caching.  Replacing the file locally on the system will
work, as will replacing it across the netwrok from another WinNT system.

I was hoping you might have some idea on how to get around this problem.
Might it be as simple as using SMBopen with DENY_NONE (or perhaps just
giving the DENY_NONE flag to SMBcreat?) when trying to extract the files?

Any help would be much appreciated!


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