Problems with NT.

Danny Arseneau arseneau at
Tue Sep 30 00:45:39 GMT 1997

Hi guys, I've got a problem that I just can't seem to figure out. I hope
that someone here has some answers or can at least point me to the right

The system consists of sambe-1.9.16 or samba-1.9.17 (on solaris 2.5.1)
and NT Servers and workstations.

Here's the scenario:
    1) New NT box (never connected to samba server) establishes
         some disk and printer connections to the samba server. There
         is no problem with this, the user gets prompted for a name and
         password, they are supplied and the connections are made.

    2) NT System get shut down or rebooted or whatever. When the NT
         system comes back up the connections are not re-established.
         The user is not prompted for a user name or password. If an
         attempt is made to access one of the devices that had been 
         previously linked to, an error message appears saying that 
         authentication failed. When an attempt is made to reconnect,
         it fails.

    3) The only way we seem to be able to restore the connections is to
         disconnect all of the shares and re-establish them one by one.
         This procedure requires the username and password again. 

I don't think that this behaviour is normal. I would like it to work the
way the Win95 systems work. They are prompted once for passwords when
connections are first made. When they reboot all the connections are
automatically established.

Another bit of information that may be important is that we are using
roaming profiles.

I really appreciate the time and effort that any one takes to reply to
this message. I would like to thank you all in advance for all of your

Danny A. 

arseneau at

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