Samba-1.9.17p2 & PAM

Bill Campbell bill at
Mon Sep 29 23:29:33 GMT 1997

On Tue, Sep 30, 1997 at 02:23:28AM +1000, Tom Hutchison wrote:
>Excuse me if this is an old question as I am new to the list.
>Has anyone built Samba-1.9.17p2 from the sources on RedHat 4.1, i.e.
> PAM -0.54.  After uncommenting in the Makefile,
> PAM-LIBS = -ldl -lpam
>I compiled samba and installed it.  Unfortunately it will not
>authenticate a user no matter what I try.  I am not good enough to debug
>the log files and strace output. Any help or advice would be greatly

I've found on Caldera Open Linux 1.1 (Base and Standard) that
compiling without the -DUSE_PAM stuff works just fine.  I don't know
about other implementations, but on Caldera the shared libraries seem
to automatically do the Right Thing if you're not getting down and
dirty with the /etc/password or /etc/shadow files manually.

The only program I've had to recompile with PAM is xlock.  Other
things like ssh, imapd, qpopper, etc. just seem to work.

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