Samba performance

Christopher R. Hertel crh at NTS.Umn.EDU
Mon Sep 29 19:39:43 GMT 1997

I think that it would be worth reviewing the test setup to make sure that
it is a fair comparison.  As Luke points out, the performance
characteristicts vary depending upon the size and type of the load. 

Also, you might start reading up on security and administrative issues 
associated with NT.  Good ammo there.

Chris -)-----

> : Well - they are fixing to setup an NT server for the sole reason of
> : benchmarking it against the Samba server - with the goal being speed.  I
> : am trying hard to convince them not to waste time doing so. After all,
> : they have been running on a Linux/Samba solution for 2 years with very
> : high reliability. I think management has heard too much of the NT Server
> : hype in the media, is the only reason for this hype.

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