smb clients and performance

Steve Jones sj2393 at
Mon Sep 29 18:27:13 GMT 1997

On Sep 29,  1:45pm, Darrin M. Gorski wrote:
 Subject: Re: smb clients and performance

> MS Cleints will broadcast even if there is no samba server (for example,
> you use NT instead). That's the default method of resolving names. It is
> not, however, all that taxing on the network. We have over 800 MS clients
> on 25 subnets, and we can use Samba, AND NT servers (not to mention
> PCNFS) with no throughput problems.

You say that this is the default behaviour.  But can this
be configured otherwise?  If I understand correctly,
the plan is to abandon netBEUI in order to forego the
broadcasting of these clients.  In other words, do these
clients *always* behave this way under NT or is there another
mode of operation?

This raises another question or two (please excluse
my ignorance).  Do MS clients such as winfile the NET
commands in the DOS box always use netBEUI for netBIOS or
can they use TCP/IP instead (I have a limited understanding
of protocols used by MS)?  My understanding has been that
netBIOS can sit atop either netBEUI *or* TCP/IP.  But, even
if this is true, will the MS clients work that way.  More
to the point, will they cease to continually broadcast.

I probably *could* have posed the above questions more
awkwardly, I just didn't try hard enough!  ;^).


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